Terms and Conditions

IC Translations (“ICT”) provides a free, non-obligatory quote to organizations and individuals (“Clients”) requesting language services offered by ICT within one business day of receiving the request. The quote provided by ICT contains details specific to each individual request. The services quoted are provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions below. The Client’s approval of the quote provided by ICT implies the Client’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.



The Client retains ICT to provide language services listed in the quote received from ICT. The services include, without limitation, translation, proofreading, audio/video translation, adaptation, transcription, and other language services that may be requested by the Client.


ICT undertakes to provide the Client with the deliverables listed in the quote. The Client shall bear responsibility for providing ICT with all the information and documents required to provide the requested services. This includes, without limitation,

1. Source and target language(s)

2. Instructions regarding language variants (i.e., French (Canada), English (US or UK), etc.)

3. Source files and instructions regarding the target format

4. Style guides

5. Glossaries

6. Special instructions regarding terminology

7. Reference materials

8. Instructions regarding the translation of names

9. Instructions regarding certification or notarization (i.e., the Client shall indicate if they need a certified or notarized translation)

Delivery method

Documents will be delivered by ICT electronically to the email address specified by the client and in accordance with the instructions provided unless otherwise agreed with the Client. If the Client requires a hard copy, they can choose one of the following methods:

1. Regular mail – free

2. Courier service – billed in addition to the price set forth in the quote.

The Client shall pay the applicable federal or provincial tax applicable to the provision of the language services requested. ICT will discuss the turnaround time with the Client prior to the start of the project. If rush service is requested, the rush fee will be included in the quote provided to the Client.

Payment method

Payment can be made to ICT using one of the following methods:

1. Direct deposit

2. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

3. Email money transfers (EMT)

4. Mailed cheques.

If the Client prefers to use a different method, they shall contact ICT by e-mail at info@ictranslations.com. By accepting these Terms and Conditions the Client undertakes the sole responsibility to make full payment of all charges and expenses relating to the project within thirty (30) days after its completion unless otherwise agreed upon with ICT in writing. ICT may require an advance payment upon approval of the quote. ICT Project Manager will inform the Client if such advance payment is required. The Client undertakes full responsibility for the collection of any related payments from third parties. The Client agrees that their failure to collect such payments or any delays in such payments shall not affect the payment owed to ICT by the Client.

Subjective nature of translation/proofreading

The Client understands that translation and proofreading is a subjective process, any language is flexible, and different linguists may use different words to express the same idea. The Client further agrees that there may not be “the only correct way” of conveying the meaning of the source text, and any variations are acceptable as long as they are accurate, grammatically correct, consistent with the stylistic requirements of the Client and terminology used by the company or in the industry, and reference materials or glossaries provided by the Client before the beginning of service provision (if any).

Changes in the project parameters

If the Client decides to change any project parameter after the acceptance of the quote and the beginning of service provision (such as turnaround time, additional wordcount, delay in the provision of the source files, etc.), ICT reserves the right to apply additional charges and/or extend the deadline in accordance with the change requested. Furthermore, should the Client request additional services such as subjective revisions by a second linguist, changes in the translated files to match the changes made by the Client in the source files after the acceptance of the quote and the beginning of service provision, etc., then charges for such services will be applied in addition to the quoted and agreed upon price.


The Client is responsible to notify ICT if the translation should be certified or notarized (i.e. done by a certified translator or notarized by a notary public) before the beginning of service provision. ICT shall not be responsible for the non-acceptance of the translated document by any organization in the absence of such prior instructions.


In case of any concerns or complaints, the Client shall notify ICT of them within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of deliverables by email at info@ictranslations.com, and ICT will make any reasonable effort to address such concerns or complaints free of charge. Any changes requested to the deliverables after such period shall be subject to additional charges.

Project cancellation

Should the Client cancel the ordered service, the Client will be obligated to pay ICT for all work completed before the receipt of the Client’s notification of cancellation by ICT. In the case of a rush project, the Client will be billed the rush fee if the project is canceled after the work has been assigned to translators and before they proceeded with the actual translation.

Limitation of liability

ICT shall not be responsible for any special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages in equity or otherwise (even if ICT has been advised of same), including without limitation lost profits or revenues. The entire liability of ICT for any claim, loss or damages in equity or otherwise, including without limitation contract, tort, negligence, and strict liability arising out of this agreement or the engagement of ICT in connection with the project in question, the performance or breach hereof, or the subject matter hereof shall not, in any event, exceed the sum of the payments actually made by the Client to ICT pursuant to the agreement for the specific project being the subject matter of dispute.


The Client and ICT acknowledge and confirm that any information received from the other party orally or in writing for the purpose of providing the ordered service is confidential information. Each party shall keep such information confidential and cannot disclose any related information without the other party’s prior written consent, but the following information shall not be subject to such confidentiality: (a) information that is or will be generally known to the public (provided that such information does not result from the receiving party’s unauthorized disclosure to the public); (b) disclosure of such information is required by applicable laws or regulations. The parties shall make reasonable efforts to confine knowledge of and access to confidential information to those employees who, in the ordinary course and scope of their employment, need to have knowledge of and access to such confidential information.

Content of documents sent for translation

The Client agrees to indemnify ICT from any liability arising from the content of the translated information and guarantees that the information sent to ICT for translation does not violate any criminal or other laws of Canada, any of its provinces, or any other jurisdiction.